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The 10 Bottom Picks by Consumer Reports


Consumer Reports have selected 10 cars that have the lowest Overall Score in their respective categories, which should give buyers a reason to avoid these models.

The Overall Score covers road-test score, reliability, owner satisfaction and safety.

Lowest Rated Sub-compact: Mitsubishi Mirage

2017 Mirage GT

Despite its promise of delivering 15.7 km/L, the updates for 2016 cannot hide its uncharismatic 3-potter that delivers abysmal performance and rough engine note. The interior is drab and feels cheap, according to Consumer Report. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) gave the Mirage a Poor rating for its Small Overlap Crash Test, further pushing the Mirage down the ranks.

Lowest Rated Compact: Fiat 500L


The Fiat 500L not only looks odd, but driving position is equally odd, thanks to its flat seats. The stiff ride further demerits the 500L’s road test score, and the Fiat has the worst reliability score of any new car. In addition to that, owner satisfaction is also subpar, as many owners regretted their purchase. IIHS slapped the 500L with a Poor in its Small Overlap Crash Test.

Lowest Rated Mid-sized Sedan: Chrysler 200


The midsized sedan market is filled with excellent choices, but the Chrysler 200 isn’t one of them. Consumer Reports say that the 200 handles clumsily and the ride is rough. Power from the 4-cylinder engine leaves much to be desired and the transmission is a reliability nightmare. The only consolation is the silent cabin, Consumer Reports added. Predicted reliability rating isn’t promising as well.

Lowest Rated Compact Luxury Car: Mercedes-Benz CLA 250


Consumer Reports say that the Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 doesn’t deliver the driving experience a typical Mercedes-Benz should, as the engine and transmission feels unpolished. While the CLA 250 may be agile, the ride is awfully stiff. Egress for passengers is tough, and Consumer Reports added that the interior is noisy and restricted. Reliability and owner satisfaction is below average for the CLA 250 as well.

Lowest-Rated Mid-sized Luxury Car: Lincoln MKS


The Lincoln MKS may sit on the Ford Taurus underpinnings, but the MKS feels outdated in comparison. The cockpit feels like a cave, said Consumer Reports, and has bad outward visibility. In addition to that, ride comfort is lacking, and the entry-level 3.7-litre V6 is not as refined as rivals.

Lowest Rated Family SUV: Dodge Journey


The Dodge Journey is perhaps one of the worse family SUVs out there. The interior is tight, while the V6 is far from fuel efficient. In addition to that, IIHS has given the Dodge Journey a Poor rating for its Small Overlap Crash Test. Reliability is so bad that some owners resorted to crush their Dodge Journey. No, really.

Lowest Rated Luxury Compact SUV: Land Rover Discovery Sport

Land_Rover_Discovery_Sport_Launch (14)

Even with a Land Rover badge, the Discovery Sport, according to Consumer Reports, has uneven power delivery. To add salt to the wound, the nine-speed automatic is not smooth, nor is it responsive. Consumer Reports also mentioned that the ride comfort leaves much to be desired and “handling is far from sporty.

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