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Dunlop MaxGrip AT5 & RoadTrekker RT5 launched for SUVs and pick-up trucks

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Continental Tyre PJ Malaysia has officially introduced two new 4×4 tyres, namely the RoadTrekker RT5 and MaxGrip AT6. Both tyres were designed and engineered here in Malaysia for the Malaysian market.

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The Dunlop RoadTrekker RT5 features enhanced countour concept compared to its predecessors, the RT2, thus delivering better mileage performance. In addition to that, the new tyres feature part-silica tread compound for better wet grip and shorter braking distance without sacrificing mileage. Dunlop also engineered two dedicated waterflow channels to prevent these tyres from hydroplaning. On top of that, the RoadTrekker RT5 features bigger and stiffer blocks designed in the centre and shoulder to deliver excellent handling and cornering stability.

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On the other hand is the MaxGrip AT5. This tyre was designed to deliver outstanding mileage performance while maintaining durability off-road. The unique varied angle zig-zag blade blocks on the MaxGrip AT5 is engineered so that the tyres were able to roll smoothly over multiple surfaces with ease, as it creates extra grip and traction on all surface type with quick mud and stone release capabilities. Furthermore, the sidewalls feature protection ring to prevent against damage.

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The RoadTrekker RT5 is aimed at SUVs and pick-up trucks, while the MaxGrip AT5 is an idea fit for pick-up trucks. The former is available in 8 sizes ranging from 15- to 17-inches, while the latter can be had in 6 sizes ranging from 15- to 16-inch sizes.

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We had a short test of the MaxGrip AT5 on a broken off-road path. Dunlop says that the stiffer sidewalls do enhance the sidewall’s strength, and we don’t doubt that. By no means were we gentle while traversing the off-road path, and the MaxGrip AT5 performed admirably. The tyres certainly took the beating well, as none of the trucks fitted with these tyres had any issues. One could feel the extra firmness through the rough roads, but it is a worthy compromise.

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Price wise, Dunlop says that the tyres are competitively priced, with prices ranging from RM400 to RM450. Buyers can get the tyres from Continental Tyre Malaysia dealers nationwide, including BestDrive Continental, Continental, Dunlop Klinikar and Viking Stores.

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