458 Speciale: extreme technology for maximum excitement

The Ferrari 458 Speciale was officially launched this afternoon at the Frankfurt International Motor Show, by President Luca di Montezemolo and Managing Director Amedeo Felisa and Vice President Piero Ferrari.


The new special edition from the Maranello company, like all cars produced by Ferrari, features a range of technical innovations which make this car unique and special, aimed at the most demanding sports-oriented owners, who are looking for maximum driving excitement. Patented by Ferrari and a world first, the innovations concern the car as a whole, in particular the power unit, the aerodynamics and the vehicle dynamics, which make the difference between it and the base model even more marked, when compared to past special editions, such as the Challenge Stradale and the 430 Scuderia.

On road or track, the driver of a 458 Speciale will feel part of the vehicle system, which ensures immediate response to all inputs and total control in even the most complex of manoeuvres. All drivers can therefore attain high performance levels, experiencing great excitement at the wheel of Ferrari’s highest performance 8 cylinder car.

The most powerful naturally aspirated engine (605 cv) and the one with the highest specific power output (135 cv/l) in the history of road-going Ferrari V8s, an amazing power to weight ratio (2.13 Kg/cv,) aerodynamic efficiency (index E equivalent to 1.5,) and electronic control of its set-up angle (SSC:) these are some, but not all, of the characteristics that make this car really ‘Speciale’ and which are destined to set the standard for Ferraris of the future.

Agile and responsive, the new rear-mid engined 8 cylinder sports car has been designed with the aim of raising performance and excitement to the maximum level, especially on a mix of race tracks and twisty roads, featuring tight hairpins and high speed corners with a variety of gradients, ensuring that is it very controllable, whatever the situation.