Nissan Shows off its Concept Smartwatch that Connects Driver to their Car


It looks like smartphone manufacturers are not the only ones who are into smartwatch, Nissan recently also showed off its smartwatch concept, specially designed for drivers of Nissan Nismo cars. Called the Nismo Watch, the smartwatch is designed to track the vehicle’s performance as well as driver’s biometric data.

Unlike the smartwatches we’ve seen before from Sony and Samsung, the Nismo Concept Watch is specially designed for racers, giving them the ability to monitor the efficiency of their vehicles with average speed and fuel consumption readings and access vehicle telematics and performance data while on track. For now, it will also be able to record down the heart rate of the driver but Nissan is working on some impressive motoring technologies like:

–       ECG (Electrocardiogram) to measure the intervals of the R-R rhythm of the heart, and identify early fatigue

–       EEG (Electroencephalogram) Brainwave to monitor the drivers’ level of concentration and emotions, and help athletes to get “In The Zone”

–       Skin Temperature to record the core body temperature and hydration levels

Paired with a propitiatory smartphone app, users will also be able to share their performance across various social networks. Unfortunately, the smartwatch from Nissan is only a concept for now, but when it gets released, it will be available in black, white, and black and red. Now if only the other smartwatches can have such a beautiful design, I think I’ll have a shelf full of smartwatches by now.

Check out the videos below for a demo of the Nismo Smartwatch.