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Mobile Lab RV for sale, guaranteed to keep dinosaurs at bay

No, I am not talking about the RV (recreational vehicle) where some high school dropout and a bald teacher did some funky stuff in, but rather the same RV that was used as a movie prop in the not-so-hit movie, Jurassic Park: The Lost World. Theme Park Connection has put up the RV for sale on eBay for USD7,500 (around RM25,000). Mind you, this is the original one which was screen used and still contains some of the movie props in them.


Why would you want one? I guess if you are opening up your own little safari and you think that the animals might harm your visitors, I guess this RV is really suitable for you. And at a steal of RM25,000 (excluding shipping of course), you can have it lying about in your front yard as part of a restoration project if you fancy that sort of thing.


It is definitely a cool movie collectors item especially if you are a fan of the series. Although personally, I would love to own the Mercedes ML 320 instead that was used in the movie (you can see them above behind the RV). Interestingly enough, I remembered when Jeff Goldblum was interviewed by Jeremy Clarkson, he said that Mercedes did give him a Mercedes ML 320 as a promotional item as well.


Located around 45 minutes away from Los Angeles airport, it will be towed to your place as the RV is currently not currently driveable. The tyres as mentioned in the advert has rotted and it would take a significant amount of effort, money and time to restore it.

Image source: Theme Park Connection and eBay Listing