UWM Toyota welcomes new NAP

Datuk Ismet Suki, President of UMW Toyota Motor

UMW Toyota Motor welcomes the various measures taken by the government following the National Automotive Policy (NAP) announcement by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. According to Datuk Ismet Suki, President of UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd (pictured), “We are pleased that the government has provided a clearer view of specifications for EEV vehicles. UMW Toyota Motor will be reviewing our current as well as future model line-ups to meet the defined EEV specifications. We will continue to support the Government’s effort to make Malaysia as an EEV hub by introducing the Camry CKD Hybrid by the end of this year” he added.

Datuk Ismet Suki with the Toyota Camry Hybrid

On vendor development, Datuk Ismet Suki said, “We welcome the NAP 2014 targets to develop the local vendors to become global and regional level component manufacturers and suppliers and this indicates well for the future of the Malaysian automotive industry.” He also said, “To increase our customer’s affordability and product acceptance, UMW Toyota Motor will continue to provide the best in pricing. With an array of technological advancement features and designs, we believe there is a Toyota and Lexus for every type of customer which is in line with the NAP 2014 objectives of offering competitive prices for new models and variants to safeguard consumer’s interest.”

“UMW Toyota Motor welcomes Government’s initiative to implement Voluntary Vehicle Inspection (VVI) policy in order to enhance the awareness on the need to ensure roadworthiness of the cars. The detail criteria, mechanism and appointment of inspection agencies should be discussed further with industry players. We are also in the opinion that distributor facilities should be allowed to conduct mandatory inspection” he added.

Text & Images courtesy of UMW Toyota.