Ken Block’s RaptorTRAX is Madness


The snow has covered up most of the surfaces of the United States and our favourite “hoonster” can’t even hoon his Ford Fiesta around. So what does Ken Block do when he wants to have fun on snow surfaces? Two things apparently – One is to get a Ford F-150 pickup, and another is to get a set of all-terrain tracks. Combined them both, and the result is the insane RaptorTRAX.


According to Block, this is a fun project built to be the ultimate backcountry snowboard expedition vehicle, perfect for slaying powder while practical enough to bring a few snowboard racks and storage for a snowboarding outing. Under the hood spots a Whipple supercharged 6.2 liter V8.Block also enlisted the expertise of Mattracks to provide the all-terrain tracks for the Raptor. With that set of wheels, off-road suspension and that massively powerful engine, Block is set to have a blast this Winter!




[Source: Ken Block]