Four new exciting Nissan sports car in the works? Sweet!


Nissan has hinted that there will be four sports cars in the works. That includes the IDx, the concept Bladeglider, a new GT-R and a new Z.

In an interview with another auto blog during the Detroit Motor Show, Nissan chief planning officer Andy Palmer has dropped some details on this new Z, which should succeed the 370Z. Palmer did mention ” I know what the powertrain will be, and I know it will exist. It would be reasonable to assume it will have a downsized turbo engine. There will be normal and Nismo versions.”


On the Bladeglider, Palmer said that  “The IDx is seen as a way of re-engaging with younger drivers who regard time spent in the car as wasted time away from social media, while the Bladeglider, with its very narrow front track, is aimed at those who see all cars as polluting.”. Palmer did promise that the Bladeglider is the best handling car you’ve ever driven, but with zero emissions.

The Bladeglider is the lovechild of Nissan’s DeltaWing Le Mans racer and LEAF electric car. With that together with the other three more new sports cars from Nissan, it looks like the resurgence of sports car from the land of the rising Sun is imminent.