Nissan IDx needs your support in order to make it real!


Remember a few months ago when we revealed the stunning Nissan IDx, debuting in Tokyo Motor Show? Do you wish to buy it, hoping it is something Nissan will produce a proper Toyobaru fighter? Then, there’s good news and bad news for that.

The good news is Nissan product boss, Andy Palmer, revealed that  IDx is “into the first stage of the development process. The next stage is project validation and then looking at the business case. It’s no one’s intent to waste millions of the company’s money, so obviously we have a good feeling about this one.”

However, the bad news is that Nissan requires convincing from the public in order to make it happen . Palmer added that this would likely be a small-volume project, although he hope that won’t stop Nissan from going through with it. Nissan PR guru Dan Bedore added it’s going to take a strong push from consumers and enthusiasts to make production a happen.


Our suggestion? Starting buzzing Nissan’s social media sites and tell them you want the IDx, really badly! Hopefully Nissan CEO, Carlos Ghosn, will take notice…

[Source: AutoBlog]