License to speed: Spies in the UK can now break the speed limit


If you have watched Top Gear UK, you will notice that Jeremy Clarkson always lamented the strict speed limit in the UK which is getting ridiculous year by year. However, in a new ruling on UK’s motoring laws, spies under the MI5 and MI6  are allowed to break the speed limit in cases of “national security emergency”.

That having said in the case where a maniacal terrorist has been spotted in the UK trying to take over the world or do something harmful, spies are allowed to run through red lights, over zebra crossings and ignore road markings as the emergency services, if they can prove that national security was at stake. However, spies will still be required to drive in a “responsible manner”, and be subject to the same checks under the revised Road Safety Act as police, ambulance and fire service drivers. They will also be required to take a course in high-speed driving. It is unsure if the “high visibility jacket”, a subject Clarkson also lamented a lot in Top Gear, is required to be worn by spies during driving at such manner.

On that notion, if you appear to be driving in the UK on sedate speeds and suddenly a blazing fast silver Aston Martin, driven by a blonde gentleman in a tuxedo, has overtaken you, do bear in mind that Aston Martin driver is in pursue to save the world. After all, he has the license to kill speed

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