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Google Coming to a Car Near You


Google has announced and launched the Open Automotive Alliance, basically a collaboration between top auto car makers and technology companies with the aim to bringing safer, seamless and intuitive technology for the car.

This does mean that Android is coming to your car and not just into the head unit but potentially more. Imagine having the power of the internet and an already existing platform such as Android being in control of your car’s gadgets and gizmos, my mind is truly blown away. From an integrated navigation and constantly updated map and traffic information via the internet to future of even augmented reality happening, I really do have high hopes for this and hope that the rest of the other automakers do keep up and join in alliance with others.

So far the partners in the alliance consists of Google, Audi, GM, Honda, Hyundai and Nvidia. It seems like a good coverage with large car makers from US, Europe and Asia. I always said that if Apple collaborated with car makers, it would really make technology meld together with cars perfectly. But again I understand that most car makers would like to also keep certain technologies to themselves to stay ahead of the market.

I definitely can’t wait for this alliance to bear fruit, because with an open platform, this means that the app market will start to open up. One good example would be having already existing applications in the market available for your vehicle, such as having the popular GPS app, Waze, integrated would be awesome. Another example would be for me to use RaceChrono, an app to time my lap times during track days integrated as well. The possibilities are truly endless in this situation.

To be frank, this isn’t exactly very new as well. Last year, Apple also announced in their keynote speech that they will be working with automotive companies and will bring iOS to cars as well. So far, we haven’t seen much results yet but who knows, 2014 is only beginning.

iOS in the car
Eddy Cue presenting during the summer Worldwide Developers Conference

As I don’t see BMW in any of the alliances and Audi already confirmed in the OAA alliance, this might give me a good push to choose an Audi for my next car instead.