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Take a wild guess who’s the first owner of the Bentley Bentayga!

Bentley_Bentayga_1 The recently unveiled Bentley Bentayga aims to be a lot of things to a select few people. But as the world’s fastest, most powerful, and most luxurious SUV in the market, it could all boil down to bragging rights for some. So who do you think will get to enjoy the privilege of receiving the very first Bentayga? Some wealthy Arab prince perhaps? As it turns out, the first owner of this stunning SUV is none other than the Queen of England. According to Bloomberg, Queen Elizabeth II will now be adding the Bentayga to her royal motorpool, where she will use it for her hunting expeditions at one of her estates in Scotland. Bentley_Bentayga_2 Wherever she chooses to drive it, that’s gotta hurt for Jaguar Land Rover. The rival automaker has been supplying the royal family with Range Rovers for years. Then again, both companies – alongside Aston Martin and Vauxhall – all hold royal warrants for supplying automotive goods to Her Majesty the Queen. Given how many vehicles the royal family must own, we’re sure there’s room for all of Britain’s finest. Source: Bloomberg via Autoblog