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So they said that the best 911 wasn’t built by Porsche [+video]

Singer Porsche 911 Texas

I have always been amazed with the Porsche 911 and there are many of the old ones about running using the older air cooled engines. A friend of mine has an old one sitting at their hometown while the car screams for more attention and a chance to run about again. Alas the issue is that the old car has run through it’s time and its permanently stuck due to it’s broken down engine.

Along comes Singer, a company which claims that they are the biggest Porsche fan in the world. Judging by the cars that they have restored, I have to agree with them.

Singer Porsche 911 grey

“Our specification and restoration choices reflect our vision of an optimised air-cooled machine and are aimed at enthusiasts all over the world. This vision is merely a launching point, a broad canvas for individual self-expression and fine tailoring.

Such a degree of personalization ensures that each machine can be as sportingly focused, luxuriously flamboyant, or as simple and understated as desired. Indeed, we expect every restored and modified machine to represent and reflect the unique tastes and perspectives of its owner whether targeted at regular use on the road or ultimate performance on road and track.

We imagine most customers will specify a program that lies somewhere in the middle of these two extremes, resulting in a machine that reflects their ideal combination of sporting intent and daily usability.”

Founded in 2009, this small company operating out of California, it is really a a passion of love and a real obsession by each of the craftsmen who spend the countless of hours restoring the car.

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 6.40.02 PM

What Singer does, is that after more than 4,000 hours of work spent on the car, you don’t just get back a normally restored car. You get a way better car! What do I mean by that? They replace the front fenders, front bumper, front hood, rear fenders, rear bumper, and roof with carbon fibre. You got two choices of engines, Singer has partnered with Cosworth to create hand built engines in the 3.6-liter engine, producing 270 hp and the 3.8-liter engine, producing 360 hp.

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 6.48.23 PM

Aside from the exterior and engine, Singer also does the full works. That means the electrical bits, the interior, the transmission, exhaust and many more. Those guys are amazing and as Jay Leno says, 4,000 hours is no joke, it is truly a labour of love. I have seen many old cars being restored and have loved seeing the journey an owner takes restoring old beauties back but Singer does one notch up. Taking an old classic and beauty and making it relevant in this age.

Singer Porsche 911

I am completely blown away by the amount of detail and time spent restoring each of these classic beauties. Of course the price also blows most people away, one of these beautiful cars can cost up to around 280,000 British pounds or roughly around USD$500,000. Now if only I can find some spare cash like that lying around, this is one car I would love to have in my garage.

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Check out the video below of an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage where he interviewed the owner of Singer.