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Paul Walker on the Lexus LFA [+video]

A video of the late Paul Walker being interviewed regarding the Lexus LFA was recently released and published online. A quick search on Lexus’ official channel doesn’t reveal the video so all credit goes to Autoweek for sharing the video first.

Based on the video, Paul loved the car. He was trying to convince Lexus to loan the car to him for two years and the few things that impressed him was the car’s setup and balance. Even in the track, he said that he is definitely faster in the car with the traction control turned on.

Another thing which caught my attention is that during the drive with the Lexus LFA at the track, he was also surprised that lap after lap, no one came back to the pits to check the car’s tyre pressure. Everything was set up nicely.

Speaking of the Lexus LFA, the car made a small appearance at the end of Fast Five when Han (played by Sung Kang) and Gisele (played by Gal Gadot) were sort of in the car, speeding through the autobahn heading towards Berlin.