Want to run on Natural Gas? Lookout for City NGV


As much as I would like to boast about fuel consumption and how little fuel I need for my diesel car, the NGV cars are in a completely different category. I once asked a taxi driver how much fuel he gets, and his answer was simple. RM13 gives him about 400+km. No wonder you see all the taxis running on natural gas nowadays.

In light of the increasing petroleum prices as well as the need for a more environmental conscience society, energy alternatives for vehicles are vital. CITY NGV (M) Sdn. Bhd. is one company that offers precisely this. Incorporated in Malaysia in 2008, CITY NGV began its NGV (Natural Gas Vehicle) conversion, imports and supply business for the Bi Fuel Vehicles in Malaysia in 2007.

Porsche converted to run on natural gas

The  focus of the company is to build a professional, reliable and responsible installer in the NGV field. It is evident why City NGV is the No.1 NGV installer in Malaysia. The prime activity of CITY NGV is to carry out a business as a specialist in Natural Gas system conversion for all kinds of vehicles, import and supply of CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) cylinders and CNG system to act as merchant, general trader, commission agent and carrier or in any other capacity in Malaysia or elsewhere.

The natural gas tank does take up a bit of space in the boot

The company also hopes to spread awareness on the benefits of natural gas. Being lighter than air and able to evaporate when in contact with air, natural gas is extremely safe. In the event of an accident, natural gas simply dissipates into the air instead of forming a dangerous flammable pool on the ground like other liquid fuels such as petrol. Natural gas is also less explosive and thus safer. Adding to that, all NGV cylinders are designed to withstand severe abuse, gunshots, and dynamite and tested against fire and car-crashes. On top of natural gas being safe, City NGV goes that extra mile by inspecting every car before allowing the car to be installed with NGV cylinders to prevent any mishaps to occur in the future.

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The benefits don’t end there. The conversion to NGV also allows a saving of petrol cost up to 70% and is low maintenance as engine parts like spark plugs, engine oil, oil filter and exhaust system stay cleaner. Needless to say, in this day and age, keeping watch on the society’s carbon footprint is also very important. NGV emits less CO and CO2 and reduces 60% of CO emission normally produced by petrol driven cars. A conversion of your car to NGV transforms your car into a green one making you an environmentally friendly citizen. If that isn’t enough, NGV also allows a reduction of annual road tax up to 25% or 50%. The 25% refers to fuel vehicles, which can switch from CNG to petrol. The 50%, on the other hand, refers to monogas vehicles which only run on CNG.


Suitable for all kinds of vehicles, NGV is the best yet alternative to the use of petrol. Lasting up to 2 decades, the NGV cylinder is certainly value for money and all conversion kits are imported from the world’s top manufacturers in Italy, Argentina, Brazil and China. We are also proud to announce that all the cylinders and conversion kits are approved and certified by SIRIM, DOSH and JPJ Malaysia. All cylinders are approved by ISO 11439 BV and all kits are approved by ISO 15500, ECE-R 110, SIRIM.

It is important to note that all warranties and guarantees of all parts from the installation come from City NGV. There are 2 types of conversion kits offered by City NGV which are conventional kit and sequential kit. The conventional kit is for carburetor cars which are mechanically controlled and for older versions of injection cars. Whereas, the sequential kit is for newer car engines which are electronically controlled. There are also 4 types of cylinders: full metal, metal and mixture of fiber glass, aluminum and mixture of carbon fiber and full carbon fiber.

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City NGV was also recently nominated with the prize of Asia Honesty Enterprise Award 2013 at Palace of The Golden Horses Hotel Kuala Lumpur. The company was evaluated based on their nature of their service and business concept.