Fast & Furious 7 delayed till April 10th 2015


As we all know, Paul Walker’s tragic demise recently has bought much speculation on the fate of the seventh entry of the Fast and Furious (F&F) movie series. It appears the movie has been rewritten and even Paul’s own younger brother, Cody, was roped in to film some of the scenes.

Just recently, the other main cast of the F&F movie series, Vin Diesel, has posted a message on his Facebook page saying “Fast and Furious 7 will be released… April 10th 2015!” adding “P.s. He’d want you to know first…,” Also shared on his Facebook post (as shown on the image above) is the final scene they shared together before Paul’s untimely demise.

F&F 7 was supposed to be released in July 2014 but production was put on hold after Paul’s tragic accident a few weeks ago. Now we will know how the cast and producers will deliver a proper send off to Paul Walker, in 16 months time.