Mercedes-Benz Services’ Agility Financing Secures Future Value Of Its Vehicles


Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Mercedes-Benz Services) customers can now secure the future value of their vehicles with Agility Financing, an innovative hire purchase based instalment plan. The first-of-its-kind financing plan offers more value to Mercedes-Benz vehicle customers to finance their vehicles through enhanced flexibility, security and affordability with a Guaranteed Future Value (GFV).

Mercedes-Benz Services Managing Director, Ms Hilke Janssen explained, “As an automotive financing expert, Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia continues to develop creative financial offerings to enhance our customers financing experience. Through the new Agility financing plan, we are making the process of owning a new or upgraded Mercedes-Benz more seamless.”

Agility is Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia’s smartest financing option yet, particularly for car enthusiasts who wish to replace their Mercedes-Benz vehicles regularly without the hassle of selling an existing car. Agility financing targets customers seeking to own a Mercedes-Benz car by means of cash flow flexibility whilst having security of the vehicle’s future value.

“The volatility of the automotive market is often the cause of uncertainty among buyers.  With the introduction of Agility, we are able to protect our passenger car customers against the loss of value in vehicles at the end of an agreement,” said Janssen.

Agility’s financing process allows customers to select a new Mercedes-Benz vehicle and customise their financing options by selecting a preferred downpayment amount and terms of the agreement. Customers will also be given a selection of mileage packages to choose from, namely, 20,000km, 25,000km or 30,000km per year. In determining the GFV of a vehicle, the tenure of an agreement, which ranges between three to five years, and the selected mileage package are taken into consideration.

Customers are in control with the flexibility to settle or extend their financing plans, or even choose to return their vehicles at the end of an agreement. Return features are subject to fair wear and tear conditions and kilometre restrictions.

Customers who opt to settle their financing plans can pay the remaining residual value and proceed to take full ownership of their vehicle. The extend option will allow customers to extend an agreement by refinancing the residual value of the vehicle.

A final option is for customers to hand back their vehicles to Mercedes-Benz without further obligations

Among the benefits customers can expect from subscribing to Agility Financing include lower monthly instalments, a risk-free finance experience with the future value of vehicles guaranteed by Mercedes-Benz, thus avoiding the risk of depreciation.

“The effectiveness of Agility has been proven in other hire purchase markets such as the United Kingdom and Australia where approximately 50 per cent of all financing is done with Agility.

“We are confident that the unrivalled value and offerings of Agility further supports Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia’s aim of providing peace of mind to our customers through value added offerings. Customers will realise this when they personally experience how easy it is to change their Mercedes-Benz vehicles within three to five years,” explained Janssen.