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Lit Motors – Kubo

Lit Motors - Kubo

We introduced Lit Motors to everyone yesterday in our article here. This time around, I would like to introduce you all to their latest addition, the Kubo (Say: koo-bo).

Although it may look weird but this is basically Lit Motor’s answer to a mini pick up truck, basically a two wheeler which can carry anything you need, from your daily necessities to a new iMac. And it’s 100% electric too as well. Based on it’s look and size, you definitely can’t be carrying a mattress or the kitchen sink about and let alone far distances but it does enable you for short distances and for smaller items.

Interestingly enough, what actually did catch my eye is that this project is crowdfunded. Yes, it is up on Kickstarter and it is looking for USD$300,000 to fund this project. Check out their Kickstarter page here.

We’re big fans of two-wheeled vehicles here at Lit, but we found existing motor scooters lacking. They make carrying anything a hassle, and we couldn’t find a good quality electric scooter anywhere. So as a side project during our free time, we decided to make our own!

While in design school in 2006, Elliot Ortiz came up with a concept for a cargo scooter. Years later in 2010, Elliot, Zach Levenberg, and Lit founder & RISD grad Danny Kim built the first scooter prototype out of a variety of off-the-shelf parts and a hand-carved pink foam body. Danny was intrigued with the idea of developing an electric version, and after a few years of prototyping and development…

They came up with kubo.

Here are some of the scooter’s specifications.

  • 45 mph top speed, up to 50 miles per charge
  • 3 kW high-torque rear hub motor with regen braking, front disc brake
  • On-board charger: charge in a few hours from any standard outlet
  • 22″ square cargo area with rails, hooks, and loops to secure anything you want to carry
  • 300 lbs capacity, cargo + rider
  • Adjustable height seat to accommodate riders from 5’0″ to 6’5″
  • Small lockable stow compartment and under-seat storage, perfect for extra bungee cords, phone, etc.
  • Integrated digital speedometer, odometer, and voltmeter (battery indicator)
  • LED headlight and tail light
  • Designed and manufactured in San Francisco, California