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Victory Motorcycles makes its Malaysian debut

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It was like a scene right out of ‘American Chopper’, but the Teutul’s of Orange County were nowhere to be seen. Try to think of the wildest custom cruisers you’ve seen, now add a touch of class and panache as well as a healthy dose of financial backing and maybe, just maybe, you’ll begin to grasp the uniqueness of Victory motorcycles. In a world where Harleys dominate the realm of individualism and rebellion, Victory stands alone, defiant and strong. Those are actually my words, believe it or not.

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Perhaps the only thing that Victory has in common with its American counterpart, is the fact that it too uses really big-bore V-Twin cylinder engines, but that’s pretty much where the similarity abruptly ends. The official launch and opening of the Victory Motorcycles outlet in Glenmarie was officiated by Y.B. Datuk Haji Ahmad Haji Maslan, Deputy Minister of Finance together with Datuk Maruan Mohd Said, NAZA World Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategic Investment Division and Mr. Nik Danial Nik Mahmood, Vice President of NAZA Two Wheels Division.

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Established in 1998, Victory was the first new major American-made motorcycle company to be introduced in recent years. Full production of its first motorcycle, the V92C, began in Spirit Lake, Iowa in the summer of that year and by 1999, the V92C was already receiving ‘Motorcycle Cruiser of the Year’ awards from the American press. Victory Motorcycles has since expanded its model line-up, and is now firmly established in the international market for cruisers and touring motorcycles.

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“The New American Motorcycle” brand has made a name for itself by designing bikes with progressive styling that stray away from the ‘classic’ look people have come to expect of American V-Twin motorcycles. “Young in comparison to other premium motorcycle brands in the market but by no means inferior in quality or performance, Victory Motorcycles has earned itself a reputation for providing forward-thinking designs that are in tune with the needs of dedicated bikers and for redefining standards of power in American motorcycles. Every bike is built by riders to handle the demands of a true rider and ensure the best riding experience,” remarked Datuk Wira SM Faisal Tan Sri SM Nasimuddin, Joint Group Executive Chairman of NAZA Group of Companies.

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NAZA has invested RM5 million on the 6,000 sq. ft facility which features a full-fledged 3S Centre manned by a well-trained team of sales and technical personnel. Harmony Fabulous Sdn Bhd is introducing the Malaysian market to the brand with the complete Victory Motorcycles range of 13 models. The variety in the range ensures that the needs and riding styles of every cruiser enthusiast is catered for. Do drop by if only to view the exquisite line of bikes on display, including the one designed by renown bike design guru Arlen Ness, which retails for a cool RM198,000 on the road.