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Photo Gallery: Parking Lot Stalker – TMS 2013


It was bound to happen. Every single time I’ve visited the Tokyo Motorshow, I’ve been blown away by something that I spotted in the parking lot and come away deeply envious. This year was a double whammy of sorts, for not only did I spy some truly magnificent cars in the outside parking lot, all the photos you see here were taken in the MEDIA reserved parking area.


Yes folks, these cars belong to my counterparts in the land of the rising sun. All had the requisite ‘Media Parking’ stickers on them, and parked in the designated media area, which just happened to be next to the bus parking area, so yeah, while the others waited on the bus, I was slightly busy drooling.


The first one that caught my eye was when we left on the first day of TMS. This yellow Toyota 2000GT. It looked in mint condition, absolutely brilliant. It was featured in the 007 movie ‘You only live twice’ with Sean Connery, and it’s the first ‘million dollar’ Japanese classic car, due to its rarity, but here was one in all its splendor, simply magnificent.


On the second day, I spied the same car, only this time it was flanked by a Lancia Delta Integrale (I sense some of you drooling), a Honda NSX, Bentley and a brilliantly restored Alfa Romeo GT Junior which looked like it had just rolled off the factory floor in Italy. I tip my hat (although I don’t wear one) to my fellow motoring scribes in Japan, you all have exquisite taste in cars. Salute! (more photos in the gallery below)