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What? Two Engines in a MINI Cooper? [+video]

MINI Cooper

When a single engine doesn’t produce enough horsepower for you, what do you do? Yes, thats right. You put in another engine into your car. As crazy as it may be, Jacques Andres, may have just done that.

This 2002 Twin Engine Mini Cooper was recently featured on Jay Leno’s show called Jay Leno’s Garage, an Emmy winning web series. Starting out as a front engine front wheel drive car (as with most other MINI’s), this chap decided to plonk in another engine in the rear.

Funnily enough, you actually need two keys to turn on both engines! He did say that there are two of everything except for the steering wheel. It looks insane, downright batty but hey, without all these funkiness, the car world wouldn’t have been so interesting. Some facts, the owner hopes that the car can create 500hp (250hp per engine). Personally I like how Jay just summarises it, this is clearly a more money than brains endeavour.

Check out the video below!

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