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Truth is Stranger than Fiction: Girl runs away from home to prevent parents from buying a car!


Okay so there are many cases of teenagers running away from home due to relationship issues, conflicts between child and parents, et cetera. In our latest entry of “Truth is Stranger than Fiction”, we have a story from China where a young girl ran away from home, not because she met her prince charming outside which her parents disapproved of, but rather because of her parents choice of wheels. No kidding.

According to a Chinese news site Xinhua, a 14-year-old in China was reported to be so upset by her parent’s choice to buy a Honda that she left the house and refused to return. The reason is not because she disliked Honda cars, but rather she has a stand against everything from Japan, stemming from WW2! We’re still not kidding.

The fourteen year old teen stayed firm that supporting Japanese products would be “helping the enemy with money from our own pockets”. It seems that the anti-Japanese sentiment was strong among her friends, and she was also afraid that she’d be teased by her friends if seen in a new Honda. However, she has made a reasonable and patriotic statement that if her folks were going to buy a car, they should buy a Chinese car instead, to support the Chinese automotive industry.

In the end after staying over at her friend’s home for three days, her parents obliged by not buying that Honda, and the girl has finally returned home. Having said that, China should really be proud to have this patriotic 14-year-old girl on their side, a hearty dinner at least, just make sure it’s not Japanese food…