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The BMW M235i Racing [+video]


Only just recently we reported that BMW is sending the M235i into action as an addition to the BMW Racing series. The last car being the BMW Z4 GT3. I always loved the 1-series coupe and have had the chance to view one being driven around Sepang at the recent Time To Attack event.

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 10.58.33 PM


It’s sleek shape and nimble size does make it a contender to be a fast car around the track, now with the racing edition of the M235i, I bet this car is gonna scream through the turns at Sepang. Best if it was travelling sideways, of course.

This time we have a little bit more of an update, check out the video below!

The car still seemed to be clad in camouflage livery but from the video, I can see a full roll cage in the car. I definitely would love to see this baby go for a spin around Sepang and see what time it is capable of setting.