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Photo Gallery: Tokyo Motorshow 2013! Why it’s still the region’s Best.


Perhaps it’s the overall atmosphere of the show that entices, but personally, I’ve never seen so many people attend the first day of an international motorshow, and do bear in mind it was the media day. Really didn’t know that there were so many of us… the atmosphere can only be described as electrifying.


There was a buzz in the air as all of us jostled for the best position to get the best shots (on that note, please forgive me if some of the photos have that stray hand or head in it), and generally running around like kids in a candy store. And that’s exactly that TMS is to anyone with even a hint of RON97 in their bloodstream; one giant candy store for petrolheads.


Even the most jaded of us were grinning from ear-to-ear as we entered the first hall; incidentally there were about six halls in total, all housing the very latest that the motoring world had to offer. Sadly though, apart from a Pagani (above), none of the other Italian makes were present at TMS this year.


That failed to dampen any spirits though, as the rest of the display stands more than made up for it. AF would like to thank Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd for the gracious invite to be their guests at TMS 2013. Do look out for the full review of the all-new Jazz / Fit in the next installment of this TMS series. In the meantime, enjoy the photos from the rest of TMS 2013!