Honda reveals a fast and handsome wagon race car in BTCC

hondawagonHonda has unleashed their new machinery for the 2014 British Touring Car Championship (BTCC), in the form of a wagon. The fast touring car wagon was last seen by Volvo 850R a few decades ago, where the fast wagon terrorised British circuits in the BTCC. Now the Honda Yuasa racing team has replaced their previous challenger, the Civic hatchback, with the Civic Tourer, while retaining the same drivers, Matt Neal and Gordon ‘Flash’ Shedden for next year’s challenge. The car is set to make its debut during official test in January 2014.

The Honda Yuasa team has been dominating in BTCC, sweeping the manufacturers’ crowns for the fourth year in a row while both the drivers just narrowly missing the driver’s title. This has prompted Honda to adopt new challenges by changing their machinery to a wagon. Honda claimed that apart from the increased length, the weight, wheelbase, layout and suspension remains the same. Honda also claimed that the Tourer will have no compromises on the dynamic performance. The Civic Tourer will be powered by a turbocharged 2.0L engine producing around 300HP.

A close look into it and it is in fact gorgeous and desirable. Hopefully this hint Honda may produce a new type R version for the Civic Wagon might may prompt wagons into desirable fast machines with practicality not compromised.