Proton To Launch Persona SV Variant This Saturday

Proton Persona

We heard of this particular rumour last month but it now has turned into a reality: Proton have confirmed that they will be launching the Persona SV variant this Saturday, 30 November. According to the press invite that we have received earlier today, the launch will take place at the upcoming Proton Bola Bola Bola Mega Test Drive Carnival in Stadium Shah Alam.

As the focus of the first SV variant – the Proton Saga SV – is affordability, it is hard not to assume that it could be the same case for Persona SV. After all, SV stands for Super Value (in Saga’s case) and initial rumour stated that the Persona SV will be priced under RM 45,000 as compared to Persona’s current starting price of around RM 47,600.

We’ll keep you updated once we received the full info from Proton later this week, so stay tuned for more.