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Dubai Police Goes Green with the BMW i8 [+video]

BMW_i8_Dubai_Police_2It must be nice to be on the Dubai Police force, especially if you are designated to drive one of their supercars in their fleet. In addition to the already large fleet of supercars, the Dubai Police has announced on their Facebook Page that they have indeed added the latest BMW i8 in their fleet.


The existing fleet include cars such as the Ferrari FF, the BMW M6, the Audi R8, Nissan GT-R and many more. I guess if you want a bit of flair and to have that preconception of going green, the i8 would be the best choice.

Still the i8 isn’t as fast compared to their other cars but at least this car is brimming with technology and perhaps the more efficient on in the stable. You got to balance things out anyway.

Check out the video below as well.