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Sebastian Vettel had fun with Q50 in Infiniti HQ 15-mph Oval [+Videos]


During last week’s United States F1 GP, quadruple Formula One World Champion Sebastian Vettel dropped by to Infiniti’s North American headquarters. This is not a normal factory tour for the young wonderkid but instead he took the new Q50 saloon car and few of the company’s employees for thrill rides as seen on the video below.

“I’ve got to do a lot of fun things in my life but that certainly ranks up there.  The skill that that guy has in controlling that car – it’s unbelievable,” said Gary Anderson, Senior Manager Vehicle Operations Infiniti.


The Q50 (as pictured above) was developed with the inputs of Infiniti’s Director of Performance, who is none other than the 2013 F1 world champion himself, Sebastian Vettel.  “I think we slightly exceeded the speed limit of 15 mph.  They enjoyed it and I enjoyed it,” said Vettel.

Infiniti is expected to further utilize Vettel’s expertise of creating donuts  crafting more exciting and exquisite new cars to rival BMW, Mercedes and Audi. After all, they getting the feedback from a very young and talented German gentleman.