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Sunday Musings: Weekend Excursions

Sunday Musings

Amidst a very wet and cooling day, Sundays seem to be filled with family activities, having brunch and to the car enthusiasts, the idea of a Sunday drive. Now what constitutes a Sunday drive? Like minded car enthusiasts driving through the twisty and winding roads of our Malaysian infrastructure at old towns of yore seems just about right. Let’s not forget the biking groups as well, including both bikers and cyclists. Since I am more of a car guy (because I can’t ride a motorcyle and I would probably cram up after 10 minutes of cycling), I will focus a bit more about Sunday drives.

So what drives people to wake up at insanely hours on Sunday morning, a day normally which people tend to relate to a day to sleep in and relax? Many have different reason, the fun of the drive, discovering new routes that were replaced by highways and some just to spend time with like minded friends.

The roads are usually clear on Sunday mornings which gives that feeling of peace and serenity. That is of course till all the blaring exhaust noise coming from your mate’s car. Some say it is noise pollution but to others, it may be a low growling orchestra, playing to a symphony of revs ands gearshifts.

The usual agenda would normally for a group to meet at a specified location, chit chat with friends while waiting for the group to arrive. A quick safety briefing as well as check to make sure everyone knows the route and then the convoy kicks off. Of course being truly Malaysian, food is always on the agenda. Whether it may be breakfast, or convoying to a renowned restaurant at the location. I guess this provides somewhat of an objective to the group.

While others may call it just a waste of time, you probably need to be part of the group and to participate and join in the camaraderie that is amongst motoring enthusiasts. To some, it may be a chance to showcase their rides, to others, its about the experience.

Now what is it about this experience that we talk about? It really does go against all philosophy of transportation which focuses on getting you from point A to point B in the fastest and most efficient way possible. All I can say is that, efficiency and speed isn’t the key points in all of this. To me, it is a time of bonding, a time of understanding and a time of just letting loose, frustrations seem to be left behind and the feel of freedom whilst music plays through the stereo system is all that matters.

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