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Redesigned Toyota ‘Harrier’ Crossover SUV set to Launch in Japan


Prior to the flood of Alphards, Veilfires and Estima’s, the once luxury SUV or popular vehicle was the Toyota Harrier. If you look at most 2nd hand dealerships and recon shops, you would still see a healthy supply of reconditioned Toyota Harriers or 2nd hand ones. Now, Toyota Motor Corporation will launch the redesigned “Harrier” crossover SUV in Japan on December 2, with a hybrid model scheduled for release on January 15 next year. The new Harrier, with its distinctive design and innovative new features, aims to exceed even the high expectations built up by previous models.

Since its debut in 1997, the Harrier has built a strong brand image while pioneering the high-end crossover SUV genre. Known for its advanced technologies and features, the Harrier was the first vehicle to use Toyota’s proprietary Pre-collision System. In keeping with this legacy, Toyota has made some of its most advanced proprietary safety technologies available on the new Harrier.


The cabin is quiet, as befits a high-end vehicle, while enhanced suspension and aerodynamic performance deliver a comfortable ride and superior driving stability. With an elegant, streamlined exterior and an interior that balances fine craftsmanship with modern utility, the Harrier’s styling is innovative and distinctive.

The hybrid model, powered by a 2.5-liter engine and hybrid system, retains the characteristic power of an SUV while achieving class-leading environmental performance and fuel efficiency of 21.8 km/L2. Developed for the Japanese market, the Harrier will be sold at “Toyota” channel dealers throughout Japan.

We might see a whole new slew of these vehicles hitting the recon market within the next couple of years. Stay tuned!