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NVIDIA Showcases DRIVE Auto Computers

Jen-Hsun introducing NVIDIA DRIVE to the crowd at CES 2015


Taking the usual microchips and processors which NVIDIA is so used to producing for computers to cars, NVIDIA started showcasing what they call NVIDIA Drive at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week.

“Your future cars will be the most advanced computers in the world,” Jen-Hsun told a crowd of more than 350 reporters, analysts and partners packed into a ballroom at The Strip’s Four Season’s Hotel. “There will be more computing horsepower inside a car than anything you own today.”



NVIDIA DRIVE is split into two components, PX and CX. PX is the part which powers automated cars of the future. These cars, powered by dual Tegra X1 processors, DRIVE PX, with inputs for 12 high-resolution camera, NVIDA promises to make driving safer and more enjoyable by introducing Surround-Vision and Auto-Valet capabilities.

NVIDIA DRIVE CX is a cockpit computer that can drive next-gen infotainment systems by lighting up to nearly 17 million pixels, better than 10-times the number in current state-of-the-art cars. This is definitely NVIDIA’s strength as they have been involved in creating graphics chipsets for computers, powering some of the most advanced gaming rigs.

Jen-Hsun then showed the crowd (see video above) of how DRIVE PX automation would work, using a virtual car to navigate through a virtual garage. All this by using his smartphone. In the demo, the car navigated its way to find an open space. The car can then be called back with just a touch of a button. This is something quite similar to what we wrote about Hyundai’s SmartWatch app.

“When you’re done with diner you say can come back to me… and it becomes ann auto-valet,” Jen-Hsun says. “That car meanders back out and gets back to the driver.“