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KLIMS 2013: Multiple New Car Launches and Prototypes Galore!

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The AutoFreaks team were at this year’s Kuala Lumpur International Motorshow (KLIMS) 2013 in Putra World Trade Center (PWTC) starting from 15th November until 24th November 2013. For the next 10 days we will see Malaysia’s most important car showcase of unique prototypes, new car model launches, automotive products and last but not least, the fair maidens that always complement the machines. But for a start, we advise you to utilize public transport since parking spaces in PWTC is limited and moreover the Mall is now closed to the public due to major renovation.

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We were here on the media day which was held today and we were amazed with some of the offerings for this year’s edition. With the theme of this edition being “Efficiency In Motion”, everyone can expect a  healthy display of environment friendly vehicles. Allow the images to do the talking, and we start by sharing some of the exclusive prototypes and new car launches from various manufacturers.

There’s a healthy display of vehicles from UMWT, with new model debuts and some prototypes as well, but the one that caught everyone’s attention is perhaps Lexus’ iconic and rare supercar, the LFA and Toyota’s unique prototypes which is perhaps the glimpse into the future of motoring, the FUN-VI ad NS4

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More display of Toyota and Lexus can be found on the thumbnails below:

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Honda also made an impressive display of eco vehicles in conjunction of the theme “Our Today, Your Future”, and that included the EV-STER eco sports car which made it’s debut in 2011 Tokyo Motorshow. Also notable they launched the new Odyssey MPV, just two weeks after its official launch in Japan. The price of the new Odyssey starts from RM228,000- RM248,000. Also on display is the CR-Z Mugen RR concept, Accord Plug-In Hybrid and so on.

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More pictures from the Honda booth below

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Nissan has also taken this opportunity to reveal the new Nissan Leaf and the Almera Performance pack. More notably (pun intended) is the display of the Nissan Note, which hints that ETCM will bring this model to our shores soon.
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In the upper side of the Nissan scale, Infiniti also introduced the all new Q50 premium sedan.

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Subaru has a bigger display at KLIMS this year with models such as the XV, Impreza, Legacy and the BR-Z were up for display.

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Volkswagen has gone all out with a huge display of vehicles. It is also the debut of the new locally assembled Polo Hatchback at KLIMS. The 1.6 litre hatchback, shares the similar engine and drive train with the Polo sedan, is locally assembled at DRB’s plant in Pekan and it is yours for RM88,888.

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Citroen via new distributor, Naza, will release the new DS3 hatchback and has bought this unique machine on display. It seems for KLIMS this year, Citroen has stolen much thunder from its country-mate Peugeot.

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On the local front, Perodua is the only Malaysian flag bearer as unfortunately Proton was absent from this year’s edition. Perodua has two interesting items on display, one of them is Global Model Sedan (GMS) Buddyz concept which hints Perodua will venture on developing its own small sedan car. Another one is the GMA Space (Global Model A Segment Space) as per the picture below, which drop hints on the upcoming Viva replacement in the coming years.

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There is a great number of American Classic cars on display as well, although oddly it did not fulfill the show’s theme due to the fact that most of the cars there are old fuel-guzzling muscle cars. But we didn’t care. They are STUNNING. Thanks to Rainbird Classics for showcasing this.



Ford has made an impressive display with the debut of the new Ford Fiesta with the highly anticipated 1.0 litre Ecoboost engine. The Blue Oval’s display in KLIMs is indeed impressive with the likes of the Fiesta ST, Fusion Hybrid, EcoSport and the legendary Mustang. Amazingly, the car that pretty much started the global automotive industry, the Model T was on display as well.

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While KIA was surprisingly MIA from the event, the sole participant from the Korean automotive industry was represented by Hyundai. The unique I-Oniq concept electric sports car was bought to display and it is impressive. The Veloster turbo is also present.


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There’s also a healthy display of various automotive products and activities as shown on the thumbnails below. All in all KLIMS 2013 is a decent show and worth a visit. Stay tuned for more!

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