Meet Ken Box in this funny and astonishing Ken Block’s parody video [+Video]

Gymkhana 6 has been released sometime ago and many fans were somehow disappointed with the underwhelming stunts compared to last year’s astonishing Gymkhana 5. However fans of Ken Block should not fret as we have an awesome video from the folks of Crazy Cart. They are massive fans of Ken Block’s antics hence with the help of the warehouse from Razor, a gorilla,  a driver, oddly named as Ken Box and a cart, we will see a 4 minute action of hilarious yet astonishing parody of Gymkhana.
Trust us, this is one of the most entertaining videos we seen this year. This video might even overshadow the underwhelming Gymkhana 6. Hit the video below and don’t be surprised if you will view the video as much you view Ylvis’s the Fox video.