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Malaysia Super Series Round 5 race report: Proton reigns supreme despite crash


Round five and the final round of Malaysian Super Series last weekend in Sepang will be remembered where a massive crash took place on the first lap. The one hour endurance race has seen a healthy 17 entries for the Malaysia Touring Car (MTC) category and 9 for the Sports Touring category. Prior the race, team Proton R3 has already secured the team’s championship and driver’s championship for the MTC and they were on course to finish the final race with a bang (literally, more on that later)


When the lights went green, the white Honda Integra DC5 driven by K. Perajun got into a minor tangle with the blue Honda Integra DC5 of Desmond Yee from Team N1’s racing. That propelled the white Integra into Proton Preve R3 piloted by Tengku Djan, causing the Preve R3 to hit the wall barriers as well. While K.Perajun and Tengku Djan escaped from major injuries; the latter was admitted into Putrajaya Hospital, where he was discharged on the same day. That prompted all eyes from the Proton’s garage to be fixed on Syafiq Ali’s Satria Neo R3.


The aftermath of the crash on the Preve can be seen below:



As the race progressed, Syafiq’s consistent pace was unmatched by his competitors and an hour later, Syafiq crossed the finish line in first place. That is the fifth victory for the Satria Neo for this year on the MTC class. Despite the Preve not finishing, they are still second in the overall standings.



On the Sports Touring category, it was the combination of experienced drivers Tommy Lee and Damien Dielenberg that got them the title and the win in the sports touring category, securing them on top. In the GT category which ran earlier than the MTC/Sports Touring race, the Ferrari 458 from Team Clearwater racing of Mok Weng Sum won the race while Angus Kirkwood secured his crown for the GT category title with his Radical machine.

The healthy participation for the MTC, consists of cars like the Proton Satria Neo, Suzuki Swift, Honda Jazz and a single Toyota Altis, and the Sports Touring category, which consists of the Honda Integra DC5 and Civic Type R, are due to be in preparation for the upcoming Sepang 1000km endurance on 7th December. We will see if the Proton R3 duo of the Satria Neo and the Preve can conquer the Sepang 1000km just as they did in the MSS.


[Images from: Proton Motorsport’s Facebook Page]