The 2015 Polo GTI is What I Really Want


Unveiled during the Paris Motor Show, the upcoming Polo GTI is the next best thing after the small production run of the Polo R WRC. To me, the Polo R WRC is awesome because you get the 2.0 TSI EA888 engine in a small car such as the Polo making it the ultimate pocket rocket. Since Volkswagen Motorsport only produced 2500 units of the R, Volkswagen then decided to upgrade the current Polo GTI which uses the uprated twin charged 1.4 engine and 7-speed dry clutch DSG gearbox.


The results? VW has given the new Polo GTI a 1.8L engine as well as the option to choose a manual gearbox. Many people have been worried about the reliability of the 7-speed DSG and since VW has decided not to provide a twin charged version of their 1.4 engine, it seems that the Polo GTI has gone back to it’s old roots and stuck with the 1.8L engine.


The new engine gives the car a little bit more power, producing 192ps and 320Nm (current one has 180ps and 250Nm). This little pocket rocket goes from 0-100kmh in 6.7 seconds compared to the current one which achieves that in 6.9 seconds. I would definitely love to have the new Polo GTI in a manual form as a weekend fun car to play around.


On the exterior, the vehicle’s sporty character is underscored by independent bumpers, red GTI insignia, distinctive side sills and GTI-specific rear spoiler. The sport steering wheel, instrument cluster and sport seats follow the interior design of larger Golf GTI. Offering an even sportier driving experience is the optional “Sport Select” suspension (electronically adjustable dampers) with the “Sport Performance Kit” (more sporty tuning of various parameters at the push of a button).


Fundamentally the car doesn’t change so much as the main changes seem to be the engine and some exterior changes but still, it is a looker indeed. I can only hope that Volkswagen Malaysia will offer a manual option for the new Polo GTI. That would definitely make it a fun project car.