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Honda Showcase Images of their new Small SUV for Europe

Peter Rydberg

Honda has revealed the first images of the brand’s new European version of its small SUV ahead of its world premiere at the 2014 Mondial de l’Automobile in Paris next month. The HR-V is Honda’s new entry into Europe’s fast-growing small SUV segment. One thing which intrigues me is that the photos of the European version of the HR-V looks slightly different compared to the American version of the HR-V. Honda also has another similar model which is the XR-V, targeted for the Chinese market instead.

Honda XR-V for the chinese market
Honda XR-V for the chinese market

The unique exterior design of the new HR-V prototype echoes that of a coupé, with sharp, dynamic lines that link the sleek upper body with the stable and planted lower body. This coupé-esque elegance is achieved without compromising the interior practicality of the car. A deeper look seems that there are just minor changes to the bumper between the American and European models as well as the XR-V.

Honda-HR-V (2)
The Honda HR-V aimed for the American market

The HR-V features a centre fuel tank location to create one of the most spacious and adaptable small SUV cabins. Honda Magic Seats®  make use of this versatility by enabling a wide range of seating configurations, with the ability to fold the second row seats completely flat for added cargo space.

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