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UMW Toyota shares road safety messages


To raise awareness of road safety among consumers, UMW Toyota embarked on a year-long road safety campaign themed ‘Safety is Love’. This road safety initiative is meant to complement the efforts by the Road Safety Department to reduce accidents and encourage all road users, whether pedestrians, passengers or drivers, to be more vigilant on the road.

To achieve this, buntings bearing important road safety messages are displayed at all Toyota outlets throughout the year to remind customers to always practise safe travelling. Apart from the buntings, a series of talks on road safety were also conducted.

These two activities are carried out according to specific themes.The first two quarters of the year had focused on seatbelts – ‘Buckle Up, Stay Safe’, and speeding – ‘Watch Your Speed’, while the current theme is on fatigue (exhaustion) – ‘Too Tired to Drive?, Take a Rest!’, followed by distractions – ‘Stay Alert, Arrive Safely’ for the last quarter.

Four talk sessions were conducted earlier this year at Central and Sabah Regions by an experienced trainer and a few more sessions are currently planned to coincide with the impending holiday seasons. Participants will not only be exposed to common causes of road accidents, safe travel tips and others, but also gain real-time insights on what to do during an accident or emergency while on the road.

“The response to the talks was positive,” says Datuk Ismet Suki, President of UMW Toyota Motor. “Many of the participants found the sessions to be very interesting, interactive and informative, which makes us feel that we are able to deliver the message of practising safe travelling. Ultimately we want everyone to remember that safety is love.”

“Imagine the pain and suffering of someone who was waiting for their loved one to arrive, only to be told that they have perished in an accident in transit. Be careful and safe all the time, if not for your own sake, for the sake of your loved ones,” he added.