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Watch the Queen of the Ring pass 40 cars in a race

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A lot of people complained that in recent years, Formula 1 was boring because the same guy kept on winning and winning again. A pundit did once say that to make Formula 1 interesting is that instead of paying the drivers a king’s ransom, why not pay them a normal wage and then give them a million dollars bonus if they performed an overtake. And that is what makes racing ever so fantastic from the technical manoeuvres and team strategy but the sheer skill of finding the right amount of grip on the race track to overtake.

Ayrton Senna was one such man who had the guts to dive in the corner as soon as he is given an inch to try to overtake.

So now watch Sabine Schmitz  do just that by overtaking 40 cars in two laps. Yup, two laps! Known as the queen of the ring, she boasts a great record with more than 30,000 laps completed around the Nurburgring and that figure goes up on a yearly basis with an average of around 1200 laps a year. She is also known as the fastest taxi driver in the world because she offers taxi rides around the Nurburgring. Most tourists who aim for the ring, do try to look her up.