NAP 2014 – APs and Euro 4 diesel still in discussion


Among the unanswered issues regarding the recent National Automotive Policy (NAP) is the abolishment of the controversial Approved Permits (AP) and the introduction of Euro 4 diesel; where no specific date and actual plan was presented. Now we have updates on these aforementioned issues, and the answers, well, were not pleasing.

The International Trade and Industry Minister, Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed, commented that the government is still studying a proposal to abolish the AP for imported vehicles. He said “When we look deeper, we find that it is a little difficult, there is an impact on employment and government revenue.”

Undoubtedly, the revenue generated from these AP’s is lucrative as the government received RM1 billion over the last three years. However, the government is concerned on the livelihood of employees of 100 companies who are AP holders and, indirectly, the national economy, should the AP be abolished. Also, there’s still need for an alternative to the AP system to replace the lost government revenue.


On the Euro 4 diesel grade issue, Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed said they have not decided on when Malaysia will have it. He added that the government has been engaging with petroleum companies in the last two or three years ago, but they could not implement it as the costs to upgrade the refineries are exorbitant. As for now, Pemandu (Performance Management Delivery Unit) are still having constant talks with these petroleum companies, hoping to push for cleaner diesel as soon as possible.

So as for now, for those who want to try out cleaner diesels should head down to BHP stations in Johor Bahru. Also, looks like the grey importers can continue to sell their ‘recon’ imports to Malaysians for a few years more.

[Source: The Star]