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Wing Hin Autohaus Mk7 Golf R Launch


Just yesterday, the good folks at Wing Hin Autohaus VW, launched the new Mk7 Golf R which we recently wrote about at their dealership at Balakong. The event was to show case the new Mk7 Golf R to not only the public but to both car clubs as well, which were the Volkswagen Owners Club Malaysia (VWOCM) and Volkswagen Club Malaysia (VCM).


Wing Hin also allowed owners of the previous Mk5 and Mk6 versions of the Golf R32 and Golf R to park at the entrance, as a showcase for the launch of the Mk7 Golf R.


The event saw two Mk7 Golf R on display for the early arrivers to have a feel of the car, whether it may be the interior or just admiring the outlook of the car.

As more and more people started flooding into the place, we see more folks being intrigued with the new interior looks of the car as well as how stylish the exterior is.

I honestly fell in love with silver coloured side mirrors and the soft plush leather of the interior. The sweeping blue needles on the dash as well as the large touch screen head unit is really enticing.


The few notable comments from the crowd would be the missing semi-bucket seats which came with the Mk6 Golf R. As I have been doing some research about semi-bucket seats lately, I did learn that not all countries allow the use of semi-bucket seats for cars coming out straight from the dealership. For example, BMW sells the BMW Performance Seats which are basically the Recaro Sportster CS as an option in Europe but in the US, the BMW dealerships are not legally allowed to sell them as an option.


The event then started with the emcee introducing the Mk7 Golf R by letting the audience view a couple of videos and then proceeded to give a little bit of facts about the car.


Next they invited Michael Knaus to give a little bit more about the car and what he thinks about the new car compared to the older Mk6 Golf R. Few key things he did like was the new platform of the car, how the car will not be interfered with the electronics since the traction control can be completely turned off and how he can’t wait to get this car on the track.

There was even an on-site photographer to help guests take photos to be part of the photo competition and participants could stand a chance to win a mystery prize. The photographers would capture the photos, print it out and handed out the photos to guests which did add a nice touch to the whole competition and event.


Of course many participants decided to take photos with the models instead.


Throughout the evening there were games hosted by the emcee for guests to participate in as well as dinner was served to the guests. There wasn’t a dull moment where everyone was busy chatting or playing some of the games set up by the emcee.


Most of the folks instead decided to pay a closer inspection to the car, checking out every nook and cranny and trying to figure out what is the difference between their current cars and this new beauty.


Cheekily enough, since I had accidentally left my track gear in my car before heading to this event, I decided to participate in the photo competition and I managed to win a free bag!

In my personal opinion, I have grown to like to looks of the new Mk7 generation of the Golf and the Golf R does look sexy indeed. With more power, an AWD system and fancy eletronics, this car is indeed very desirable, as both a daily drive and a track car as well.

Here are some photos of the Golf R I manage to take:

Here are more photos of the event:

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