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Audi R18 in Horrible Crash before Le Mans

Audi R8 e-tron Quattro

The N0. 1 Audi R18 e-tron car driven by Loic Duval suffered a massive crash just before Le Mans this weekend. Tweets from spectators around the ring started reporting about the crash. From the images, the crash looks terrible with debris and the wall completely broken.


Loic Duval
Loic Duval signing autographs

More photos from the scene shows how bad the crash was. As bad as it looks, the good news is that the driver, Loic Duval, was not seriously hurt in the crash. All he suffered was two grazes to his skin as reported by Audi Sport.


Official statement from Audi states that the No. 1 which crashed was replaced and will continue in the race but Marc Gené will replace Loïc Duval as the driver instead.

Marc Gene
Driver Marc Gene

Audi Sport has stated on their Facebook Page that they wish Loic Duval a speedy recovery and even put in the hashtag #welcomechallenges. Pretty bold and daring.