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Sunday Musings – Tyres, tyres, tyres Part 0


Let me state this up front, this will be a series of 12 reviews which I will be writing for a particular set of tyres over the course of the year. I believe as I am writing, I need to be up front with how things aspired and that what I write will be solely based on my unbiased opinion regarding tyres.

It all started a couple of months ago while I was trolling reading the BMW Club Malaysia forums when I came upon a competition in one of the posts for their club members. It was a competition where members had to write reviews about their current set of tyres and the club committee would vote on the best review. The winner gets a supply of tyres. At that point in time, all that was revealed to the members was just the competition and it was organised by the tyre company, Quick-Save Auto Boutique as well with the club.

I was rather excited because my current set of Nexen N8000 tyres were actually due for a change (use this guide here). It did help that I have been writing some sort of reviews over the past couple of years, such as tech reviews, movie reviews and also some car reviews as well. I went about drafting out a piece and finally after giving it a quick glimpse, I submitted the review below.

Snippet from the BMW Club Malaysia Forum
Snippet from the BMW Club Malaysia Forum

After a couple of weeks, I got a call from the club committee member saying that I had won the contest and that I would be getting a new set of tyres. A rush of joy ran through me as I had only recently bought another set of Toyo R1R’s from Quick-Save which I used for the recent TimeToAttack event and this is a cost saver to me.

Two weeks have gone by since the announcement and finally I found out what tyres I would be getting. Well, it was half that information at the time as I was only told that Goodyear was providing the tyres as part of their tyre evaluation program. By the time I arrived at Quick-Save I was pleasantly surprised that it was the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 tyres.


So while I started writing this post, the folks started swapping out my old worned out tyres.


The tyre sizes I used was a combination of 235/35/19 (front) and 265/30/19 (rear) for my BBS CH-R rims (8.5×19 ET32 & 9.5×19 ET35).

In truth, I had used these tyres before about almost more than a year ago. I liked it then but I completely wore them out when I brought the almost new tyres for a training event where I learned how to do “donuts” with the car. Actually I should rephrase that, I attempted to do “donuts” and not only did I fail to control the car, I completely wore out my rear tyres which were the Asymmetric 2.


This time around, they are going to be my daily driven tyres while I maintain another set of tyres and rims purely for the track. Check back here as I continue to pen my thoughts about these tyres over the course of the year.

*This is the personal opinion of the writer and does not necessarily represent the views of Autofreaks.Net