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Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. today announced the launch of the New Skyline 200GT-t (the next-generation turbo model) with a high-power, fuel-efficient lightweight turbocharged gasoline engine with maximum power output of 211ps, which goes on sale on June 5, 2014 at Nissan dealers throughout Japan.

With the addition of the new engine, Skyline now has two powertrain choices, including the hybrid version, both which offer high-quality driving pleasure. Continuing the well-received design and safety innovation leadership of the hybrid model, the new Skyline 200GT-t delivers exhilarating driving response and powerful acceleration from its next-generation turbocharged gasoline engine.

Highlights of the new Skyline 200GT-t (the next-generation turbo model) include:


Excellent engine performance balanced with environmental performance
The new turbocharged gasoline engine achieves a superior level of engine performance with maximum power output of 211ps while improving fuel economy with its downsized displacement.

The new turbocharged engine delivers power and acceleration performance equivalent to non-turbocharged 2.5L engine while reducing emissions. The driver can experience excellent acceleration performance, for example, from a standing start when the traffic light turns to green, when accelerating after exiting a corner and when merging onto a highway. The automatic transmission, developed along with the engine, changes gears smoothly and efficiently with its close gear ratios. When the accelerator pedal is pressed, the transmission quickly shifts into low gear, creating excellent transmission response and smooth and seamless acceleration.

With the adoption of Idling Stop, direct-injection, variable valve timing, electro-hydraulic power steering and charging control, the new Skyline 200GT-t achieves fuel economy of 13.6km/L on JC08 mode(200GT-t) an improvement of about 20% over the previous-generation Skyline (250GT, 250GT Type S). All grades of the next-generation Skyline turbo model achieve the 2015 fuel economy standard, qualifying for tax breaks (*1).

In addition, all grades reduce emissions of NOx (nitrogen oxide) and NMHC (non-methane hydrocarbon) by 75%, achieving SU-LEV certification by emitting 75% fewer exhaust emissions than 2005 standards.
*1: Eco-car tax reduction: Automobile acquisition tax (vehicles registered until the end of March 2015): – 60%, Automobile weight tax (vehicles registered until the end of April 2015): -50%


Electro-hydraulic power steering delivering exhilarating driving performance
Electro-hydraulic power steering (vehicle speed-sensing) improves steering performance compared to the previous-generation Skyline. With refined suspension performance achieved by adopting the newly developed rear suspension (like that utilized on the hybrid model), enhanced driving performance is offered. Motor revolution speed changes with electronic control and oil hydraulic pump pressure is adjusted to change the steering effort. With steering angle and steering angle speed controlled, it offers mild handling in a low-speed range and smooth, linear handling at high-speed range. With an electrically controlled pump, engine load is reduced, contributing to improved fuel economy.

Direct Adaptive Steering, which has been well-received in the hybrid version, will also be offered as a factory-installed option starting in the fall of this year.

Advanced equipment, “Drive mode selector,” offers customized driving
Like the hybrid version, Skyline 200GT-t adopts Drive mode selector. With customized driving variations and menus, it provides 12 variations in PERSONAL Mode (96 variations in the hybrid version). With customized setting, the driver can select his /her own preferred driving style.

Large-capacity luggage space with enhanced usability
Maintaining ample interior space, Skyline 200GT-t enhances usability of the luggage space. With largest-in-class actual luggage capacity of 500L, it can accommodate four 9-inch golf bags and two special A-size suitcases (*2). The rear-seat center armrest incorporates a pass-through feature in all grades and a rear folding seat is adopted as a factory-installed option so that long items can easily be carried.
*2: Some suits cases and golf bags may not be stored depending on the shape or size.