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Wheelcorp Premium Presents the New BMW X5


BMW Malaysia just recently launched the new BMW X5 a couple of days ago, dealerships around the country have been sending out invites to existing customers as well as potential customers to visit the dealership and get a taste of the new X5. Wheelcorp Premium was one of those dealers and they invited the BMW Club Malaysia over to their branch to showcase the new X5.

The group gathered around Damansara and took a quick convoy towards Setia Alam where Wheelcorp Premium is currently located and was greeted with the smiling faces of sales advisors and a buffet of food.


Wheelcorp’s current premises is based at a building where they took a couple of shop lots amongst other car dealerships as well. They have plans to open a 4S centre in Setia Alam, promising 30 service bays and will cover over more than a 100,000 sqft.


As sales advisors started chatting with the club members and walk-in customers, some folks took the opportunity to inspect the one of the X5 unit in the showroom. A test drive unit was also available outside for customers to take it for a spin.


The star of the show was definitely the X5. Sporting a sharper nose and striking kidney grills, the car captured the attention of the members quickly. Everyone took turns sitting in the X5 and trying out the many features of the iDrive system such as the ability to change the colour of the trims on the dash as well as the car’s interior lighting. Others were actually learning about the car’s features through videos which were already preloaded into the car’s system.

Just before taking the new X5 out for a spin, Brian Mak, one of the sales advisor was furnishing the group with fun facts, tips as well as information about the new X5. Some felt as standard on BMWs but some gave some members a little bit of doubt. In order to prove it, he made them test it out themselves.

The side panels there felt softer compared to the hood.
The side panels there felt softer compared to the hood.

The more experienced members also inspected what was underneath the hood to see if there were any differences in terms of component layout in the engine bay.


After going for a quick test drive and absolutely falling in love with the car, the group then decided to check out the rest of the vehicle. As some of them are family men and have kids about, space in the boot as well as the back seats have always been a key priority.

Once the final rear seats have been put up, it leaves very little space for any sort of luggage but then again you would be ferrying 7 people in the car. But once those rear seats are folded, there is plenty of room for larger sized luggage. At the end of the afternoon, the club members bid farewell to their kind hosts at Wheelcorp and everyone left with an impression of the new X5.