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Apple confirms that they will layoff 190 people from their self-driving car project

In a letter to the California Employment Development Department, Apple has confirmed that they will be laying off 190 people from their self-driving car project dubbed as Project Titan. Tom Neumayr, who is an Apple spokesman has confirmed it and is reported by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Apple recently hasn’t really scored well in a report comparing self-driving car players in California and has also hired new blood to shake up the project. These rounds of layoffs could be seen as a restructuring to make things leaner. Of the people affected, they are 38 engineering program managers, 33 hardware engineers, 31 product design engineers and 22 software engineers. According to the filing, it will be in effect in April.

These layoffs seem to also coincide with Apple’s report that iPhone sales have slowed down globally as well. Either Apple could be focusing on trying to get numbers up again or perhaps they have a sharper focus. Apple will still continue being the secretive company they are known to be.