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PETRONAS launches new range of PETRONAS Syntium with Toto, Lewis and Valtteri

Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Motorsport joined PETRONAS Lubricants International (PLI) today as the lubricant specialists launched the new range of PETRONAS Syntium with °CoolTech™ at its state-of-the-art Research & Technology Centre in Turin, Italy. The new series is designed to fight excessive engine heat and perform in high-pressure conditions. It marks PETRONAS’ entry into the hybrid car engine lubricant market and is the latest example of Formula One technology making its way from the track to the road car world.

Toto, Lewis and Valtteri attended the launch of the new series at PLI’s global research and technology hub. The two F1 drivers challenged guests to take part in a pit stop competition, demonstrating the excitement, pressure and team spirit of Formula One.

“The technology and performance mindset of PETRONAS have been at the heart of our performance over the past five seasons,” commented Team Principal and CEO of Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Motorsport Toto Wolff. “This year we mark our tenth season of partnership – a decade of challenges, technology development, learning in the toughest of conditions and, finally, on-track success. Through it all, PETRONAS has been committed to constantly lifting the level of its technology to deliver success on the track, always ready to accept new challenges and raise the bar every year. PETRONAS functional fluids have been the lifeblood of our cars and power units since 2010 and our partnership has gone from strength to strength with every season. The silver and green visual identity of our cars has become an iconic part of Formula One – it is synonymous with exceptional technology and competitive advantage.”

“Much like human beings, engines exposed to strenuous conditions need to be kept cool in order to ensure optimum performance,” said PLI Managing Director and Group Chief Executive Officer, Giuseppe D’ Arrigo. “PETRONAS’ fluid technology is designed to perform under pressure, as proven by the outstanding success of Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Motorsport in the F1 Constructors’ World Championship over the last five years. Today, we are pleased to bring to our consumers fluids created with our winning technology.”