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The New Audi TT RS Coupé and the New Audi TT RS Roadster [gallery]

The Audi TT model series has always been a sleek car, once dubbed as a car for hairstylists has now been shed as the TT series becomes a car which everyone wants to have. This time around, Audi Sport took the TT model and decided to give it their standard RS treatment culminating in a coupe and roadster fitted with a five-cylinder engine delivering 400 metric horsepower. Of course it helps that it is also accompanied by an unmistakable five-cylinder sound. The Coupé and Roadster will be found at dealers in Germany and other European countries from spring of 2019 on. Prices for the Coupé start at EUR 67,700 (around RM311k). The Roadster starts at EUR 70,500 (around RM324k).