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It took the police 11km to get a Tesla on autopilot to stop

Imagine this, in the world where you have autonomous vehicles and the driver seemingly, has fallen asleep behind the wheel, how would law enforcement get the vehicle to stop? One incident in California has shown us that it took the highway police 7 minutes and 7 miles in order to get a Tesla which was on autopilot mode to come to a complete halt.

The California Highway Patrol noticed that a driver was asleep behind the wheel of a Tesla which had been running on Autopilot mode, a mode which doesn’t make a Tesla completely autonomous but provides a better more enhanced version of cruise control.

They tried to get the man’s attention but that didn’t work.

The Highway Patrol then tried going in front of the vehicle to slow it down. Now all of this is a bit of a mystery because Tesla says that for autopilot mode to continue working, both hands of the driver needs to be on the steering. If the driver was indeed completely asleep, there is a high chance that the hands may not be on the steering wheel. Police are still investigating the matter.

The driver in question was Alexander Samek and he was arrested with driving under the influence.