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Waymo’s autonomous vehicles are being attacked in the US

In the US, where Waymo is currently testing their autonomous vehicles, things haven’t been going all dandy. Reports have been coming about from the Arizona Republic that the autonomous cars are getting attacked from people slashing their tires, drivers driving their cars towards the autonomous vehicle to force them to stop as well as throwing rocks at the vans.

If you think that is bad, safety drivers have reported that as the autonomous vehicle drives pass houses, people are holding guns and pointing them at the car as well. Even a Jeep was caught forcing the autonomous vans off the street six times! People seem to be finding this amusing but the authorities aren’t too happy about it.

People who seem to be causing these disturbances are thought to have a grudge against the company. In order to overcome these issues, Waymo has trained their safety drivers to deal in these sort of situations to ensure that their lives are kept safe as well as the public’s safety.

“Safety is at the core of everything we do, which means that keeping our drivers, our riders and the public safe is our top priority,” the company said in a statement.