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Tesla produced more than 60,000 Model 3s last quarter

Tesla’s production woes are finally over. Last quarter, Tesla has been able to produce 61,394 Model 3s last quarter, delivering nearly 1,000 units a day to their customers who have been waiting for their cars. In total, the company has delivered close to a quarter of a million vehicles in 2018.

The company also said it delivered a total of 245,240 vehicles, including 145,846 Model 3s and 99,394 Model S and X in 2018. This means that Tesla has exceeded the 200,000 vehicle production mark which allows customers to get a credit of $7,500. Customers will now only get a $3,750 which is a reduction in the first six months this year. To counter that, Tesla has reduced the price of their cars.

Tax credits will continue to shrink to $1,875 after the first six months is up. Once that is done, the tax credit will be gone completely. Still, that isn’t stopping from customers who are still buying Tesla cars. We might see Tesla announcing another round of price reductions once that is up or they might provide a bit more accessories to create a better value.